Autonomous Systems

Advances in autonomous systems such as smart headlights, collision avoidance, infotainment systems and LIDAR require enhanced thermal protection of critical electronics to ensure optimized performance. These emerging intelligent autonomous systems are increasingly complex while decreasing in size and weight. Packing more functionality into smaller footprints has increased the heat flux density and thermal challenges in autonomous electronics. Designing active cooling systems that features thermoelectric modules (TEMs) will provide a thermal management solution needed to operate each sensitive device within its temperature range and optimize its performance. Advancements such as automotive infotainment and navigation systems have significantly increased the amount of information available to drivers in Heads-up displays (HUDs). Presenting this much information requires a larger capacity Heads-up display system, requiring more power and generating more heat. Keeping the HUD temperature below the maximum operating temperature presents a need for active cooling.

Laird Thermal Systems' HiTemp ET Series of Thermoelectric modules are perfectly designed for the increased thermal demands of transportation applications.
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