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Title Date Applications Product Section
Laird Advent International launches Laird Thermal Systems
SuperCool-Series Laird’s SuperCool Thermoelectric Assembly Increases Cooling Performance By Up To 60% Medical, Medical Diagnostics Thermoelectric Assemblies
HiTemp-ET-Series New Thermoelectric Module Series from Laird Designed for High Temperature Environments Transportation, Heads-Up Displays, Imaging Sensors Thermoelectric Modules
Thermal-Wizard One-of-a-Kind Thermal Management Tool From Laird Supports Development Engineers from Specification to Purchase Transportation, Telecom, Consumer, Medical, Industrial
Analytical-Instrumentation-App-Tunnel-Series TEAs from Laird Deliver Compact Cooling Performance for Analytical and Medical Instrumentation Medical Thermoelectric Assemblies
TEMs-&-TEAs-for-Medical-Laser Laird’s Thermoelectrics Offer Lower Cost of Ownership in Medical Laser Cooling Applications Medical, Medical Lasers Thermoelectric Modules
Industrial-X-ray-Cooling Liquid Cooling Systems from Laird Efficiently Cool Industrial X-Ray Scanners Transportation, Industrial X-Ray Cooling Liquid Cooling
Chamber-Cooling Laird Thermoelectric Assemblies Offer Compact Cooling For Medical Storage Chambers Medical Storage Chambers Thermoelectric Assemblies
ET12,65,F2A,1312 Laird’s Thermoelectric Modules Deliver Precise Laser Diode Cooling Telecom Thermoelectric Modules
Beverage-Cooling Laird’s Thermoelectric Cooling Solutions Offer Cost-effective Alternative for Beverage Cooling Beverage Cooling Thermoelectric Modules