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Title Date Applications Product Section
SR-54-Med-Diagnostic-Control Laird Temperature Microcontroller Monitors and Protects Medical Diagnostic Equipment Medical, Medical Diagnostics, Medical Imaging Temperature Controllers, Thermoelectric Assemblies
Mobile Base Station Air-to-Air Outdoor Cooler From Laird Cools Mobile Base Stations and Cell Towers at a Lower Cost Telecom, Base Station Battery Cooling, Enclosure Cooling Thermoelectric Assemblies, Outdoor Cooler Series
PC Series enhance reliability PR Laird’s Power Cycling Thermoelectric Coolers Enhance Reliability of PCR Cyclers DNA Amplification Thermoelectric Modules, PC Series
PR-59 Laird’s Highly Accurate Thermoelectric Temperature Controllers Shorten Product Development Time Telecom, Enclosure Cooling, Medical, Medical Diagnostics Temperature Controllers
AA-230-Series Laird’s Highly Efficient Temperature Control System Optimizes Performance of Outdoor Enclosures and Kiosks Telecom, Enclosure Cooling, Consumer, Industrial Thermoelectric Assemblies, Outdoor Cooler Series