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1. Input the amount of cooling required by the thermoelectric assembly:

Cooling Power - Qc  

2. Input the temperature at which cooling is required (Control) and the ambient temperature:

Control Temp  
Ambient Temp  
Δ T  

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Custom Solutions

If you know your ΔT, enter that value in the box to the left of the SEARCH Button for more optimized results and click SEARCH.

Viewing Product Solution Tables
SORT - when viewing product tables, you may sort each data column by increasing or decreasing values by clicking the arrow next to each column header

  • • Qc Op - displays the cooling performance of the thermoelectric module at the temperature difference requested. The cooling performance shown is at the operating point determined by the supply voltage. By clicking on the part number, cooling performance (Qc) can be viewed graphically over the entire operating range from minimum to maximum voltage or current (Imin to Imax or Vmin to Vmax)
  • • Power Supply - the power consumed by the thermoelectric modules, as well as any fans in air-cooled models
  • • Supply Voltage - displays the nominal supply voltage designed to achieve the rated cooling capacity of the assembly. The fan and thermoelectric modules in the assembly can be operated at higher or lower voltages depending on the cooling load required and efficiencies required
  • • Qc Max - the maximum cooling performance capability of the thermoelectric assembly. This value is measured at zero temperature difference with the supply voltage set to the nominal value. Actual thermoelectric assembly performance is usually less than QcMax because of the requirement to operate through some temperature difference
  • • ΔT Max - displays the maximum difference in temperature seen across the thermoelectric assembly. This value is measured at zero heat flow (Qc) with the supply voltage set to the nominal value. The thermoelectric assembly is typically operated at ΔTs less than ΔT Max in order to move heat from the cold to warm side of the thermoelectric assembly

PART NUMBER - displays an active data sheet. You can fine-tune your application requirements by adjusting values for voltage, current, control temp, ambient temp, ΔT, Hot Side thermal resistance or Cold Side thermal resistance and then click the UPDATE button. To view a different product, click the Back Button on your browser or click the BACK Button

CHECK AVAILABILITY - displays the available inventory and pricing for this part number at authorized distributors via the Octopart Inventory Search Engine

REQUEST QUOTE - opens a form prompting you for contact and additional application information. Your part number of interest and Qc specification will pre-populate in your form. A Laird thermal expert will respond to you

ORDER A SAMPLE - displays a list of authorized global distributors who can process your order

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Move a slider to your specified cooling requirement (Qc) and click the SEARCH button.

  • • The optimum thermal management solutions will display below.
  • • If there are multiple product category solutions available, they will appear in their respective Thermoelectric Assembly (TEA) tables.
  • • If you know your application's ΔT, enter that value in the box to the left of the SEARCH Button for more optimized results and click SEARCH.
  • • If you don't find the exact solution for your requirement, Laird Thermal Systems will engineer a custom TEA solution that meets your specific requirement.