Our Quality Policy


Our Vision

To further strengthen our position as the world leader in thermal management solutions.

Our Mission

To solve complex thermal management challenges for mission-critical, high uptime applications in the medical, analytical, industrial, and telecommunications markets

Our Company

Laird Thermal Systems designs and manufacturers innovative thermal management solutions using one of the most diverse product portfolios in the industry, ranging from thermoelectric modules and temperature controllers to liquid cooling systems and custom solutions. By offering a broad range of design, prototyping and in-house testing capabilities, we partner closely with our customers across the entire product development lifecycle. Our global design, manufacturing and support resources matching our customer’s needs, shorten their product design cycle, maximize roductivity and performance and deliver high-quality products and solutions.

Our Commitment

We all are committed to delivering Best-in-Class quality with a relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction. By instilling the following principles, we encourage continuous improvement in all our operations:

1. Management Commitment

Management team drives quality, ensures reliable fulfillment and customer satisfaction as a competitive advantage.

2. myQ initiative

Every employee owns personal accountability for the quality of our products, services and processes.

3. Customer Focus

Every employee has 100% Customer satisfaction as a key business priority.

4. Continuous Improvement Practices

Every employee takes part in delivering innovative solutions by using Continuous Improvement Processes (CIP) and being engaged in a transparent and dedicated "Right First Time" culture.