Consumer electronics manufacturers must constantly innovate and improve designs to create smaller, thinner, lighter and more reliable products that meet customer demands. Laird Thermal Systems’ compact and reliable solid-state thermoelectric cooling solutions offer a competitive advantage by enabling OEMs to develop desirable products and bring them faster to the market.

Compared to standard compressor-based solutions, Laird Thermal Systems’ thermoelectric coolers and thermoelectric cooler assemblies offer dependability, design flexibility via vertical integration capabilities, and an overall lower cost of ownership in commercial applications like beverage cooling and water purifier systems. Additionally, thermoelectric coolers operate at lower noise levels and provide a more environmentally friendly solution. When combined with Laird Thermal Systems’ advanced temperature controllers, the space-saving thermoelectric cooler assemblies offer precise temperature control and stability when required.

In addition to standard and custom thermal management solutions for consumer applications, Laird Thermal Systems offers expertise in engineering design services with a global presence that supports onsite concept generation, thermal modeling, mechanical and electrical design and rapid prototyping to deliver optimized thermal management.

Beverage Cooling

Beverage dispensers like large pay per cup coffee machines and juice/milk machines require a thermoelectric solution that delivers efficient performance, low operating noise, and low maintenance requirements. Water purification systems is another application, which require thermoelectric coolers for both cooling and heating water. These systems reduce particles, contaminants, or imbalances in drinking water, making it safe for everyday consumption.

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