PC-24-TS-58 PCR Cycler Evaluation Kit

The PCR market is evolving towards faster chemistries. These advancements will speed the detection of pathogens and treatment solutions. The PCR evaluation kit demonstrates the capabilities of dramatically speeding the temperature ramps over current technologies thus reducing detection and solution times. The evaluation kit includes a thermoelectric assembly attached to a mounting stage with a controlled heat rejection side temperature. The heat rejection side is intended to maintain a constant temperature to facilitate predictable temperature performance. The cycler and mounting stage assembly are tethered to a programmable controller. The controller is then tied to a computer running an application provided to set up and monitor temperature profiles.


  • Flexible temp control to accommodate sample and reagent types
  • Reduces stress on TEC and improves efficiency
  • Minimizes overshooting temperature set points
  • Superior temperature control stability
  • Monitors health of device and sample
  • Input up to 3 temp set points and time durations
  • Bi-directional control with filtered output
  • Fast thermal feedback loop rate
  • Two PID control loops: one for control side, one for heat rejection side
  • On board alarm features and data logging with SD card


Thermal Cycling
Molecular Diagnostics