Overview: Outdoor Cooler Series
The AA-250-24-44 is an Air-to-Air thermoelectric assembly (TEA) that uses impingement flow to transfer heat. It offers dependable compact performance by cooling objects via convection. Heat is absorbed and dissipated through high density heat exchangers equipped with air ducted shrouds and brand name fans. The heat pumping action occurs from custom designed thermoelectric modules that achieve a high coefficient of performance (COP) to minimize power consumption. This model has been designed to pass rigorous Telcordia test requirements conducted by our customers such as earthquake resistance, salt, fog, wind-driven rain, high temperature exposure, and dust contaminants. This is due to the selection of world class components such as brand fans with the highest degree of environmental protection and lifetime guaranteed waterproof connectors heavy duty anodization on the high-density heat sinks overheat protection and double environmental seals for the thermoelectric modules.

Electrical and Thermal Performance Curves

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Imin=3.07 A
Imax=15.76 A

Vmin=10.31 V
Vmax=44.52 V
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Control Temp  
Ambient Temp  
Δ T  

Electrical Operating Points
Selected Operating Point
Cooling Power (Qc) = Watts
TEM Voltage = Volts
TEM Current = Amps
Fan Voltage = 24.0 Volts
Fan Current = 3.00 Amps
Power Supply = Watts
Power Dissipated (Qh) = Watts
Thot = °C
Optimum COP
Cooling Power (Qc) = 67.6 Watts
TEM Voltage = 17.2 Volts
TEM Current = 5.7 Amps
Fan Voltage = 24.0 Volts
Fan Current = 3.00 Amps
Power Supply = 170.5 Watts
TEM COP = 0.7
Power Dissipated (Qh) = 238.1 Watts
Maximum Qc
Cooling Power (Qc) = 179.2 Watts
TEM Voltage = 44.5 Volts
TEM Current = 15.8 Amps
Fan Voltage = 24.0 Volts
Fan Current = 3.00 Amps
Power Supply = 773.8 Watts
TEM COP = 0.3
Power Dissipated (Qh) = 953.0 Watts

* Any information furnished by Laird and its agents is believed to be accurate and reliable. All specifications are subject to change without notice.

Temperature Range (External Ambient)1
-40°C - 55°C  ( -40°F - 131°F )
Temperature Range (Internal Enclosure)
-20°C - 55°C  ( -4°F - 131°F )
Supply Voltage
24.0 VDC nominal / 28.0 VDC maximum
Current Draw
12.1 A running / 15.1 A startup
Power Supply
290.4 Watts
Performance Tolerance
70000 hours
Sound Level (1 m distance)
63 dBA
Degree of Protection (Unit)2
6.30 kg ( 13.89 lbs )

Mounting Hole Location
Wiring Schematic

1Controller function shall not operate the external fan during heating mode.
2Rating for unit without protective shroud. A higher degree of protection can be obtained with external shroud.


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