Custom Liquid Cooling Systems for Medical Diagnostics

Temperature stability is vital in medical diagnostic equipment such as reagent and centrifuge equipment. Even small fluctuations in the operating temperature of these machines can significantly affect the test results. In addition, small portable medical diagnostic machines are growing in popularity for point of care (POC) and lab on chip (LOC) testing devices. These machines require cooling solutions with a compact form factor and low weight. Custom-LCS-Medical-Diagnostics

Given the high cost of many reagents, thermal control of reagent storage systems should be taken into consideration. In reagent storage chambers, compressor-based refrigeration systems offer the most efficient and reliable thermal control method. Laird Thermal Systems’ compressor-based refrigeration systems for reagent cooling utilize natural, eco-friendly R600a (isobutene) or R290 (propane) refrigerants that meet government and industry regulations.

Since there are many unique attributes that need to be ascertained from a reagent storage chamber, a custom cooling system may be required to optimize performance and provide long-life operation.

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