Cooling for Digital Light Processors

Digital-Light-ProcessorsDigital Light Processors (DLP) make use of millions of micromirrors to produce vibrant, high-resolution images on a screen. The tiny micromirrors are placed on a semiconductor chip, known as a Digital Micromirror Device (DMD). This technology can be found in several industries ranging from Head-up displays and Smart headlights in the automotive market, Smartphones and other display and projection applications to advanced light control in 3D printing.

Due to the extreme temperature environment in these systems, engineers encounter a variety of thermal challenges when integrating DLP technology, including thermal noise, SWaP (size, weight, and power) constraints, lack of airflow, and outgassing. DLP Systems also generate heat during operation which needs to be dissipated to avoid image quality degradation and ensure maximum system uptime.

To thermally protect the DMD, an active cooling solution is required. Laird Thermal Systems offers thermoelectric coolers designed specifically for DLP applications, that absorb heat from the sensors during operation. The HiTemp ETX Series of thermoelectric coolers, provide precise temperature control in these environments where temperatures can range from 80°C to 150°C.

See Application Note on Cooling for Digital Light Processors.