MFG Part Number AA-070-24-22-00-00
PowerCool Series Thermoelectric Cooler Assembly
The AA-070-24-22 is an Air-to-Air Thermoelectric Cooler Assembly that uses impingement flow to transfer heat. It offers dependable, compact performance by cooling objects via convection. Heat is absorbed and dissipated through high density heat exchangers equipped with air ducted shrouds and brand name fans. The heat pumping action is created by thermoelectric modules, which are custom designed to achieve a high coefficient of performance (COP). It has a maximum Qc of 71 Watts when ΔT = 0 and a maximum ΔT of 36 °C at Qc = 0.

You can interact with the Performance Curves below to estimate the cooling performance by entering the thermal and electrical operating conditions for your application.
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Please Note: Actual application performance will vary from calculated values based on actual thermal design characteristics.

Electrical and Thermal Performance

Use the sliders, input fields and [UPDATE] button below to enter your application's electrical and thermal conditions. Use the Graph Y and X Axis buttons to display a variety of performance curves and use the Voltage/Current slider to choose the electrical operating point to display performance.
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Selected Operating Point
Cooling Power (Qc) = Watts
TEM Voltage = Volts
TEM Current = Amps
Power Supply = Watts
Power Dissipated (Qh) = Watts
Thot = °C
Fan Voltage = 24.0 Volts
Fan Current = 1.3 Amps
Optimum COP
Cooling Power (Qc) = 18.13 Watts
TEM Voltage = 11.19 Volts
TEM Current = 1.57 Amps
TEM COP = 1.03
Power Supply = 17.6 Watts
Power Dissipated (Qh) = 35.75 Watts
Fan Voltage = 24.0 Volts
Fan Current = 1.3 Amps
Maximum Qc
Cooling Power (Qc) = 59.45 Watts
TEM Voltage = 36.04 Volts
TEM Current = 5.39 Amps
TEM COP = 0.31
Power Supply = 194.1 Watts
Power Dissipated (Qh) = 253.6 Watts
Fan Voltage = 24.0 Volts
Fan Current = 1.3 Amps

Select Graph
Y - Axis

Select Graph
X - Axis

Imin: 0.8 A
Imax: 5.4 A

Vmin: 6.5 V
Vmax: 36.0 V
Click UPDATE to view changes in thermal operating conditions
Control Temp  
Ambient Temp  
Δ T  

Operating Temperature Range
-10 °C to 48°C
Supply Voltage
24.0 VDC nominal / 30.0 VDC maximum
Current Draw
3.4 A running / 4.7 A startup
Power Supply
91.0 Watts
Performance Tolerance
40,000 hours
2.50 kg

Mounting Hole Location
Wiring Schematic

1For indoor use only
2Units are generally maintenance free, however occasionally it is recommended to clean the heat sinks and fans of debris. This is best done with compressed air.

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Date: 08/02/2020